QHHT ~ Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique

This technique involves using visualization to reach a trance/hypnotic state, called the somnambulistic level. We all experience this state naturally, at least 2 times a day…right before falling asleep and right before fully waking. In this state, we use the brainwaves that we use when we dream, and when we meditate. And it is from this place, where our intuition speaks. Intuition is the communication with our higher self. During our daily lives, we use our conscious mind to regularly ignore our intuition. Using this method, we can ask that part of our mind to step aside for a short time so we can to speak to the all-knowing aspect of ourselves.   In this way, we can get the answers to the important questions in our lives.  It can provide insight into our life, our purpose, our lessons, and even our soul’s journey.

Each session begins with deep relaxation, followed by a past life regression completely led by your higher self. You will be shown the most appropriate past life experience that is relevant to what is going on in your life now.  It can help you to understand what experiences you have had in the past that have effected who you are today.  The last part of the session is where we speak to your higher self, where you are given the answers to your questions, and most importantly, when appropriate, where healing happens.

You will be given a recording of your session, so you can listen to it and go over all you were shown.  We recommend listening to your recording often.  Each time, you will pick up something new, or something that didn’t make sense before, does now. Our higher selves have a very intricate way of communicating to us…

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